Figurative Sculpture

A work of sculpture for the wall can breathe three-dimensional energy into a room. It lends texture, depth, and form to otherwise flat spaces, beckoning the eye to unexpected delight.

These are unique, handcrafted sculptures designed and made in my studio. My figurative sculptures often evoke water imagery, as I like the visual flow and feeling I get from being in or near water. My sculptures are sometimes pit-fired and may have multiple layers of glaze or be cold-finished with acrylics and/or oil paints. Some materials in my artwork are scavenged from old dumps or trash middens on the Wyoming prairie. This process helps fulfill my need to save everything I can from the dump. Often this includes rummaging through old, abandoned materials.
I like the idea that my creations have inspired friends to start cleaning up the prairie, beach, or other local environments, by gathering small bits of broken pottery, glass, and rusty objects for use in the creation of my figurative sculptures. It is essential to my being to create what words cannot express using this process.