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We all live downstream

Your fortune as told by the stars…

The future of the planet is in your hands. Continuing to choose the worn out path of water consumption no longer serves our communities. This has led to dried up lakes in wildlife refuge(s) and rivers and lakes too hot for fish to thrive.

While pulling in iconic symbols of the west, I wonder if and when society will understand just how much our values need to change. How can we help the bees thrive again? Will you choose native plants and vegetable gardens over a grassy lawn? Will you value wildlife habitat and clean water even if you have to change your own habits? Will you choose fewer shiny new “things” and instead reach out to see if someone has something you could buy/barter for instead?

We have more choices than we realize. How will you choose?

This is a collaborative piece with Wyoming painter Robert Douglas Bryans.

© 2022 Jodie Atherton

We all live downstream

Cigar box, coral, sand, dirt, beads, paint, chopsticks from Thailand, rust, stone, skull

8.5″ x 14″ x 5″