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Blue Gold

Water, in my opinion, is our most valuable resource.  When walking about town, I like seeing the blue spray-painted signs near the gutters, “No dumping, drains to river.” It makes me sad that as a society we need these reminders about dumping toxins into our water system. I see water as a very feminine way of flowing through nature. I like to think that the dark silver beads from the 1920’s are from a flappers dress mixed in with the blue glass beads  are off of a flappers gown… The beads are like a waterfall, frozen in time, bubbling up, from blue to black to white to gold, like the rainbows created by sunshine on polluted rivers. The river of her spine is a map of Northgate Canyon on the North Platte River. The purple glass from the prairies I so frequently meander.

© 2016 Jodie Atherton

Blue Gold

Ceramics, broken glass, antique jar, glass beads, antique oil can, rocks

22.5 x 10 x 5.25 inches