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Jodie Atherton, Laramie, Wyoming Artist

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I am Jodie Atherton, a local artist in the beautiful mountain community of Laramie, Wyoming. The heart of my art is to take found items and turn them into unique contemporary works that include figurative pieces, jewelry, mosaics and ceramic installations. If you are looking for art for your home or business that is beautiful and embraces using and repurposing objects while creating something unique, please click on my portfolio for available pieces, or contact me and discuss how I can help turn your dreams into art.


Browse my portfolio to learn more about each original piece and the stories they have to share. My art is available to purchase by contacting me directly. Enjoy!

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I am an evironmental artist located near the front range in Laramie, Wyoming. Learn more about me, my past experience and my artistic recycling process.

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Read through my personal insights on Laramie recycling and tips. Experience my passion on how and where to do what’s best for our planet. Contact me to add more!

Heavily inspired by her natural surroundings, every piece of Jodie Atherton’s art carries a bit of Wyoming with it. Art meets natural history in elegant and beautiful ways.

~ Ken Keffer, ~

We purchased Jodie’s piece “Time Flies” for our business incubator because it spoke to us about the fleeting nature that many of our clients must address with their startup companies. The piece, which garners many compliments on its elegant appearance, stands watch over our boardroom. Innovative art definitely has a home amongst innovative companies, and Jodie’s work is the most coveted art piece in the building.

~ Fred Schmechel, Assistant Director, Impact 307 ~

Jodie has such a fantastic way to represent the whimsical and natural world by incorporating objects that may have been discarded or unused into her art. She puts so much thought and love into each one of her pieces. Each piece has such an interesting story that it’s hard not to be lost in your own imagination.

~ Jenn Hess, Senior Ecologist ~

Jodie’s artwork at first glance is beautiful. When you are lucky to be befriended by her and begin to understand the organic and enchanted mindstream that the works evolve from, the depth of this important artistic vision is really crucial, right now, in my humble estimation. In this era on planet earth, someone who is willing to take the care and time to create entirely recycled jewelry from glass and then adorn it with reused silver is truly amazing.

Her ceramic sculptures and their deep meanings and undertones like the work ‘ Rooted ‘ is a trip in a cosmic Rabbit Hole indeed. Rooted, looks so similar to some Taoist art, where the figure is doing mudras or hand postures toward the earth and roots are growing into the ground. The way your masterpiece shows that is too cool! Well done, you’ve got it going on, for sure…

~ Russ Burton, Centennial, WY ~

Thank you so very much for my beautiful earrings. Every time I wear (often) them I receive compliments. I’m proud to say they are not only perfect in color and size, but also that they are made with recycled materials, including glass found littered on trails and in the backcountry. You are amazing and I’m proud every time I put my earrings on, that a local woman artisan made them especially for me! I am a customer for life! I’ll be ordering again soon!

~ Christy D., Colorado Springs, CO ~

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