Chocolate swirls

Chocolate swirls. What a fun surprise when I opened this chocolate bar from New Zealand, a thoughtful birthday gift from a dear friend. I expected to see the familiar little squares of dark chocolate I am accustomed to, but this is so much better! Especially as it reminds me of muddy, high water spring runoff on the river. I am so excited when designers take an extra step to make things beautiful as well as delicious. Thank you for making my day. I wonder what design awaits me on the other bar I have yet to open…

Bumble bees.

Spring in Laramie. The windows and doors are open! For the afternoon anyway… The bees are buzzing around the dandylions, and, as a result of the fragrant, fresh air entering my space, for the first time this spring, I overheard an excited little girl exclaim, “Look! It’s the bumble bee car! Jodie lives here!”