Environmental Art


Sculpture by Aurora Robson

2011, 24″  24″ x 24″, plastic debris (PET), aluminum rivets, tinted polycrylic + mica powder

When I first ran across this sculpture, I immediately tracked down her website to see more of her artwork. I love that she too uses recycled materials in her work. This series reminds me of the water, waves, rivers, and oceans of my dreams. Thank you for that Aurora, I hope our paths cross in person someday.

Ever After

Ever After, an in-progress image.

This is how I work. I gather everything from around my studio that I think might “go” with the piece I’m working on.

Arrange and rearrange. Repeat numerous times.

Walk away. Let the changes sink in.

Maybe even move the piece into my house so I can look at it in a different light. In a different mood. Get feedback from friends who stop by.

Everyone has a story to tell, art is my first language.





This is one of my favorite sculptures I have made. I have not spent as much time on sailboats as I would like, so whenever I see them, I reflect on the time I have and dream of being rocked to sleep… This boat is made from an old oak planter that fell apart in my yard. The texture of the wood, the blue glass beads from my trip to Turkey, handmade paper rolled into waves and an old silk shirt are just some of the reclaimed items in this piece.

Whirlpool on the prairie

So, there I was, grateful to be walking on the prairie.
Enjoying the whole expanse to myself, just me and a dog.
Not a soul in sight.

Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about recycling and pickup broken glass and rusty metal all the time for use in my artwork. Today I came across this monstrosity. I can’t just put this in my pocket and carry it out like I did the beer cans blowing across the parking lot today.

I won’t deny having a piece of my soul crushed and my walk lessened by my view today. This is, hands down one of my favorite sections of the prairie. As I walked, I coined a new version of my favorite bumper sticker, “We still hang washing machine litterbugs”.

All this being said, I have a truck and would be grateful for some help hauling this to the dump. Unless, anyone needs a new washing machine that is…