Ever After

Ever After, an in-progress image.

This is how I work. I gather everything from around my studio that I think might “go” with the piece I’m working on.

Arrange and rearrange. Repeat numerous times.

Walk away. Let the changes sink in.

Maybe even move the piece into my house so I can look at it in a different light. In a different mood. Get feedback from friends who stop by.

Everyone has a story to tell, art is my first language.



Bumble bees.

Spring in Laramie. The windows and doors are open! For the afternoon anyway… The bees are buzzing around the dandylions, and, as a result of the fragrant, fresh air entering my space, for the first time this spring, I overheard an excited little girl exclaim, “Look! It’s the bumble bee car! Jodie lives here!”

Gifts to give

My art is myself.
So personal.
From deep down within.
My deep love for the way I see the word.
They way I wish the world really was at times.
Blue. Water.
Freedom for all. Colors
to fill my heart with joy.
My true self sparkles
when people are open and willing to receive the gifts I have to give.
I have many gifts. Oh so many.

Thanks to BHP Imaging for the great image.