In Stereo

I never took chemistry.

My locker during a of year of high school was right across from Rogers room.

We became hallway friends, and later, bonded over chocolate and The Grateful Dead.

As it turns out, he was also friends with my husband, through different means.

For our wedding, he gifted us a 3-D view of life and living.

I like to think he and my dad are enjoying great conversations together, wherever they are…

Chocolate swirls

Chocolate swirls. What a fun surprise when I opened this chocolate bar from New Zealand, a thoughtful birthday gift from a dear friend. I expected to see the familiar little squares of dark chocolate I am accustomed to, but this is so much better! Especially as it reminds me of muddy, high water spring runoff on the river. I am so excited when designers take an extra step to make things beautiful as well as delicious. Thank you for making my day. I wonder what design awaits me on the other bar I have yet to open…