Whirlpool on the prairie

So, there I was, grateful to be walking on the prairie.
Enjoying the whole expanse to myself, just me and a dog.
Not a soul in sight.

Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about recycling and pickup broken glass and rusty metal all the time for use in my artwork. Today I came across this monstrosity. I can’t just put this in my pocket and carry it out like I did the beer cans blowing across the parking lot today.

I won’t deny having a piece of my soul crushed and my walk lessened by my view today. This is, hands down one of my favorite sections of the prairie. As I walked, I coined a new version of my favorite bumper sticker, “We still hang washing machine litterbugs”.

All this being said, I have a truck and would be grateful for some help hauling this to the dump. Unless, anyone needs a new washing machine that is…