Put your feet up

Reasons to your feet up after celebrating all weekend!

A 30-year reunion full of friendship and laughter ~ 150 years of celebrating Laramie ~ 78 years of Jubilee Days ~ Dancin’ in the streets ~ Staying up until the wee hours of the next day with friends you haven’t seen in years

And, because I love any excuse to take a long bath surrounded by tiles I made.

The above photo was taken at night with the ambient light of a candle and this cool light fixture below that I made from an old, glass funnel from my dads’ lab.

Below are the true colors of my bathroom thanks to BHP Imaging.

Gifts to give

My art is myself.
So personal.
From deep down within.
My deep love for the way I see the word.
They way I wish the world really was at times.
Blue. Water.
Freedom for all. Colors
to fill my heart with joy.
My true self sparkles
when people are open and willing to receive the gifts I have to give.
I have many gifts. Oh so many.

Thanks to BHP Imaging for the great image.