Ever After

Ever After, an in-progress image.

This is how I work. I gather everything from around my studio that I think might “go” with the piece I’m working on.

Arrange and rearrange. Repeat numerous times.

Walk away. Let the changes sink in.

Maybe even move the piece into my house so I can look at it in a different light. In a different mood. Get feedback from friends who stop by.

Everyone has a story to tell, art is my first language.



Time Flies

Time Flies

In tribute to all my friends and classmates during our 30th high school class reunion,

Happy Jubilee! It’s been great to see you all and reconnect.




© 2009 Jodie Atherton

“Time Flies”

Ceramics, watches, barbed wire

15 x 13 x 9″

photo by BHP Imaging

Collection of Wyoming Technology and Business Center



This is one of my favorite sculptures I have made. I have not spent as much time on sailboats as I would like, so whenever I see them, I reflect on the time I have and dream of being rocked to sleep… This boat is made from an old oak planter that fell apart in my yard. The texture of the wood, the blue glass beads from my trip to Turkey, handmade paper rolled into waves and an old silk shirt are just some of the reclaimed items in this piece.

Abandoned Carousel

Abandoned and discarded objects find new life in a spinning carousel. This piece laments lost childhoods in a time where modern conveniences outweigh endless hours of unsupervised summertime fun in a seemingly post-apocalyptic collapse of life on the prairie. Derelict yes, abandoned dreams, no.

This piece is currently on exhibit in the Arts Longmont Gallery in Colorado for EcoCreations 7, a national juried exhibition.

My Artwork is on Display at the Tate Geological Museum

I am exhibiting my unique dinosaur mosaics and figurative sculptures at the Tate Geological Museum in Casper, WY this Saturday from 10-4. These one-of-a-kind sculptures are about recycling, history, and the melding of art and science. I create Dinosaur Mosaics on plaster jackets that were used to transport fossils safely from the field back to the prep lab. I will donate 20 percent of the proceeds back to the Tate.