It is Dr. Seuss day!

It is Dr. Seuss day and I am reminded of one of my favorite books from my childhood. I was 8 when I started filling out this book by ME, Myself.

I remember counting windows (51) in my house, the number of forks (32) we owned and that we had 52 pictures on the walls. And, since I now live in the same house that I did when I was 8 and filling out this book, I wonder what’s changed…. 

If you have kids in the house who love Dr. Seuss (and really, who doesn’t?!?) and might be a bit bored, or needing something to do, I highly recommend this book. It will keep them busy, allowing you some likely needed down time.

Be well my friends and maybe an upcoming meal should be Green Eggs and Ham! But, beware. My dad did this for me since it was my favorite book, and I vaguely remember crying and not wanting to eat them. Funny, now I’d be so excited for such a meal! Especially if there was any way in the world for him to make it.