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Yampa River Necklace Collection

The Yampa River is one of the few free-flowing rivers in the western United States, with only a few small dams and diversions. It is a snow fed river, meaning it can be unnavigable during late summer in low water years. The Yampa was my first multi-day rafting trip, right out of high school. This collection imparts refined femininity and curves that meander, just as this wild river does through its canyons, a reminder that it’s good to be wild and feminine, both at the same time.

Friends of the Yampa are striving to protect the environmental and recreational benefits.

American Rivers strives to protect rivers like the Yampa and prevent dam building on this river.

Necklace price: Average retail prices range $30-75 Necklace glass size: The necklaces are made with natural high-quality black Greek leather round cord. It is soft and flexible and has a high degree of flexibility, strength, and durability, with a rich, consistent color. The average necklace length is 16” to allow for complete adjustability as they are fastened with slip knots. The cord can also be cut and re-knotted if you prefer a much shorter look.

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