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Salt River Necklace Collection

Some people go to the beach for spring break. I avoid crowded places at all costs and opted for a wilderness rafting trip instead.  Before going on this trip, I didn’t know a soul who was going. I am still in contact with some of the people from this trip, and one in particular. He is like a brother to me and we became roommates for over a decade and even though we no longer live in the same town, when we see each other, it’s as if we saw each other the day before. As an only child, that’s a pretty cool feeling. On this trip we had to portage around Quartzite Falls, a rapid that was too dangerous to run in the Salt River Canyon National Wilderness Area of Arizona. That meant we had to unload everything off the rafts and carry it up and around a cliff, a time-consuming, labor intensive process. This rapid has since been blown up and I am glad I got to experience this section of the Salt in its true to nature form.
Necklace price: Average retail prices range $30-75 Necklace glass size: The necklaces are made with natural high-quality black Greek leather round cord. It is soft and flexible and has a high degree of flexibility, strength, and durability, with a rich, consistent color. The average necklace length is 16” to allow for complete adjustability as they are fastened with slip knots. The cord can also be cut and re-knotted if you prefer a much shorter look.

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