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Salmon River Earring Collection

The Salmon is also known as “The River of No Return”. This seems to be holding true for me. I have only been on a very small section of this river in Idaho. We had planned a multi-day trip, but officials closed the river as it was so high and flipping was inevitable, and that coupled with the river filling in all the pull outs and campsites, the choice was obviously to stay safe. And, when I saw a refrigerator floating down the river, I knew things were bad. I have had offers to go again, but had to turn them down for various reasons. I hope that changes. And even more so, I hope that something shifts and this and other rivers are no longer endangered by mining operations.
Earrings price: Average retail prices range $35-50 Earring glass size: Glass in the Green River and Salmon River collections varies in size, ranging from about a dime to a nickel in size. The glass in the Big Laramie and Rogue River collection varies from a bit smaller than the size of a dime down to about half that.

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