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Rogue River Earring Collection

The Rogue River is one of the original eight rivers named in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. It originates near Crater Lake, which is the opposite way I experienced these areas. We floated the Rogue, and went to Crater Lake on the way home. The scenery, vegetation and rock formations are so different from the desert rivers closer to home. It was great to explore new territory, even if we slept with a can of bear spray between us.

The Waters Edge design was inspired by my first rafting trip in Oregon where, for the first time, I experienced a more tree canopied vista instead of the open views of desert rivers. This river inspired this design as a result of really only being able to see the river and not very far onto land, so I created an earring design with only one piece of glass.

Earrings price: Average retail prices range $35-50 Earring glass size: Glass in the Green River and Salmon River collections varies in size, ranging from about a dime to a nickel in size. The glass in the Big Laramie and Rogue River collection varies from a bit smaller than the size of a dime down to about half that.

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