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Swinging back and forth, to and fro, suspended in mid air, propelling myself from one place to another, flying for miles, all in a fixed place. I float through the light, attitudes, and emotions of living as rhythmic movements of daily practices bring stability and grounding. Alluding to the various stages of life, many a tree fell and became a fossil, only to be discovered in the field, glistening in the sun. But not before blossoming, giving life to new buds, reaching toward the sun with ever-branching and beautiful creations. It is with new leafs that I grow and reach for the horizon, smiling with the views that are inherently fairy-like, my skirt blowing in the wind, sailing through tree tops. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pit fired. Coral from Tulum. Gar scales. (tag JP. Kelli, Laura Viettia, harem, Bruce, Casper paleo friends, steve, Helen, Ali, MMary, Sara, Taecey She put on her lacey coral dress and slipped into the moonlight for a walk on the beach to collect/and/or reminisce about broken dreams. Broken shells sparkling in the moonlight reminded her that not all things that are broken are bad or un-useful. Finding home and beauty in what is left after the tide has gone out she often finds the broken bits tell a better story and have more to say than the perfectly coiffed acquaintances. Swing high, and laugh long and loud and clear. She also reminds me of my paper dolls I had as a child. Her dress is wired on with copper wired and is made from coral from Tulum, Mexico I collected while enjoying a reprieve from a Wyoming winter. Her arms and some of her dress are made from fossilized Gar scales I collected while fossil hunting in Niobrara county Wyoming. Gar scales are common fossils found in Cretaceous to Eocene rocks in the Lance Formation which dates to about 65 million years ago. Gar is a fish still found alive and well in Florida, and are found all the way up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to Ft. Peck, Montana.