Sculptural Mosaics

I create these mosaics on top of plaster jackets used to transport dinosaur bones (and other fossils) from field sites back to a museum. Creating a plaster jacket in the field consists of putting a layer of aluminum foil on top of the fossil to protect it and then layering strips of burlap dipped in plaster on top of the foil. When hardened, this is then shoveled or pried out of the ground and carried back to the truck for transport to the museum. The fossils that come out of these jackets are in museums or private collections.

The majority of these mosaics are made with my own broken, handmade pottery, tiles and sculptures. None of the elements in these mosaics are mass-produced. The millions of years it took for these fossils to form, combined with many different hands and a lot of broken ceramics converge to create these mosaics.

A portion of each sale will go to support the University of Wyoming Geological Museum or the Casper College Tate Museum.


Mermaid Awakenings


Ammonite Tile

Winter Flower